How I Learned Programming

Kurva Prashanth · January 22, 2021

I started learning programming with C programming language course in my first semester. Working through C core, wrestling with all those things about functions and getting introduced to problem solving through programming. Going through foundations it’s a really steep learning curve when i learning to program like i’ve thrown some incredibly complicated conceptsat me, how to think about control flow, variables. These are basically the two biggest ideas in computer science and i have to see them in 2nd and 3rd units of C programming syllabus. I have worked very hard to build the foundation it gets really exciting once we have a foundation like once we know how to make computers do what we want them to do.

But, when i tried to write do things like take a loop and put an if loop statement that seemed as intimidating for me and that turns out to be incredibly hard and i were trying and struggling and putting energy into learning and spent over 10 hours trying to figure out how to put that if statement into loop. That’s where all the fun begins and that has taken a lot of work for me to get here.

Foundation concepts doesn’t sound that exciting for me and looking at the foundation it’s not a very impressive or beautiful structure but it is really the core that enables to do great things on top. So, what i have right now is really awesome foundation on which i can start to program amazing robots.

One of the things that i’ve learned overtime is that i don’t always feel that confident at that point in my programming classes and some of my friends in class find stuff coming very easily maybe they had some past experience and they get it done quickly and it took some time for me and some other in class had to take more time than me and really wrestling with writing programs and putting in a lot of effort out there and at that time i had a little concern that programming is right for me cause i’m seeing other people finishing more quickly or may be it’s coming a little more easily to them and i’m worked really hard to get my learning done and where i thought of try taking a different strategy. Later, now i figured out that’s where my learning happened and that is a really awesome thing that i’m committed to see it through and really worked hard to get those concepts mastered and it is actually a part of joy and beauty to be a part of that.

I’m deeply curious to understand the science of learning and the journeys, pathways of all these different kinds of how peole learn things. Firstly, we need to just appreciate learning is hard. When we are trying to learn sometimes it’s a new way of thinking it can take a lot of energy and what really matters is while teaching programming we need to figure out who is struggling, who’s being showing signs that they were finding hard to write programs and who might need extra help in getting things done. Anyway, I didn’t learn everything incredibly quickly in my programming classes but i had fantastic time actually going through a series of struggles, several issues while writing code and several problems when running it and solution that doesn’t work and trying to make some forward progress and trying a solution that doesn’t work at all managed to undo tried attempts and finally making the way to final answer.

We might have seen our friends struggle, working hard to write programs and that didn’t works but have got other ideas to bringing our creativity, commitment, confronted with new and challenging problems as we move forward. Learnign it’s a journey and it’s effortful and we get out of it what we put into it.

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