My machine

Kurva Prashanth · January 19, 2022

I just wanted to share which machine I own and how I do my computing.

ASUS E203N computer is the machine I use the most and where I do most of my computing. It has just 2GB Ram and 30GB hard disk installed Debian 11 “Bullseye” with XFCE Desktop environment on it. I’m just curious to work on low end hardware, Instead of throwing away old computers which might be running “slow” due to the spyware/crapware of windows we can give the system a new life by installing GNU/Linux operating systems and these can be optimised, it runs very well on resource constrained devices.

GNU/Linux distros and Desktop environments

I tried using wide variety of lightweight distros over a two years; but I have since found Debian with Xfce desktop environment to be my favourite.

Actual computing

I’m into Systems Programming, Embedded Linux, and Robotics. I use programming languages such as Assembly (x86, RISC-V), C, C++ and Python. I prefer to work in a terminal over GUI and also mostly i use robotics, networking, embedded linux development tools like cross-compiler toolchains, emulators, Assemblers, Debugger, mininet, ns3, ROS, OpenCV, Wireshark, etc.

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