Small gathering at VJIT that let us to know about Free(dom) Software!

Kurva Prashanth · March 23, 2021

It was last day of the 2-1 semister exams, therefore i thought this would be a good opportunity to gather more members to aware of free software and its philosophy. But coming to existence what I thought was different anyway managed to gather 25 members and ended with 7 members for the session finally.

We had among us Naveen, Bhanu, and Narendra from Swecha who intrigued the attended members by covering various topics which interlinked to free software, hardware. Initially, we introduced each other and Bhanu spoke about what is free software? Its philosophy, differences between proprietary and free software. As an example, he explained about e-swecha, Bala swecha, Operating System projects. It was a good talk from this we got an overview about free software.

Next, Naveen spoke in very detail about free software, his experience, how he got into free software activism, what social networks do, their impacts on elections, and how it invades our privacy. Explained various incidents which happened to know us that we are always being tracked and our information is being used without our consent and how this comes down to the reason why we should opt for free software alternatives, make contributions also he gave an overview of Right to Information (RTI), labour theory of value. It was an interesting talk from this we realized that free software organizations such as Swecha, FSMI are just not an organization it’s more about a movement.

At the end of session Narendra spoke about how vibrant Swecha’s Tech community was and encouraged all of us to set up GNU/Linux Users Group (GLUG) in our college, Practice collective learning activities as peer learning, Knowledge transfer sessions, participate, organize, events, workshops, internships and contribute to the betterment of the society using free software.

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