Why am I taking up Engineering?

Kurva Prashanth · June 24, 2019

I decide I wanted to do engineering after I exposed to problems which are specific to farmers as they face daily while doing their work in the fields. for example, As a single mother, my mother works several late nights to take care of me. She works hard in the fields just so that I can continue my education without any trouble. She encourages me to make worthwhile contributions that can make an impact. Her sacrifice has inspired me to aim high and give back to those who may not have the ability or choice to do better on their own. It is after seeing her struggle that I plan to merge technology and agriculture to increase our agricultural output and to decrease the work on our farmers.

Why Engineering?

I’m choosing engineering because I just love building things! and coming to today’s developing technology, many streams in engineering, electronics & robotics appeals to me, any of those could be an area I would make a contribution in. I think a BTech in electronics and communication engineering, with primary focus on research in robotics is suitable for me, for researching, designing, and building affordable technology for farmers. I’m beleiving that engineering might be the right platform for me to contribute the world of electronics and robotics and to use my excellence to improve agriculture and to establish a good relationship between technology and farmers, to make their lives easier and better.

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